June 13, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains several information and answers to frequently asked questions. If you do not find the information you are looking for, contact us.

General questions

What is Classo?

Classo is a social enterprise working in the field of education. We propose solutions for the various school stakeholders to facilitate a integration wisely digital educational technologies in schools.

What services are offered?

Our platform : The heart of the Classo project is its platform that allows facilitate the search for educational resources digital and guide the decision process. The search tool vYou can easily find the most appropriate resources for your needs based on de all the elements of your teaching context: subjects, levels, technological devices at your disposal, type of class, recommended teaching strategies and program skills. You can then compare resources, save your favorite resources as custom lists, and view suggestions for educational uses published by colleagues.

In addition, we are developing additional features for ICT respondents, principals and school administrators to simplify the planning, acquisition, implementation and management of digital resources.

Support Consultant : You want set up a plan in your school, but you do not know where to start? You need support for implantation digital resources? Our consulting support service custom can support you according to your needs.

Blog and newsletter : Stay connected to digital news in education and come and think with us through our blog where we regularly publish articles and thoughts on the use of digital education.

Users of our platform can also choose to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to discover new resources.

Classo's solutions are designed to support technopedagogy and pedagogical leadership in schools.

How are the content available on the Classo platform chosen?
We regularly add new resources to our platform. However, we first focus on quality rather than quantity. So when you find a resource on the Classo platform, you will know that it was first analyzed and looked at by our team. We find and choose new content to offer in the following ways:
  • Based on recommendations and suggestions from the community : Our first source of information remains the recommendations of the teachers themselves! Teachers, counselors and specialists can simply send us their suggestions for resources. by email.
  • Based on our research and technology watch Our team is actively researching the best resources available on the Web, analyzing them and integrating the most relevant ones into the platform.
  • Depending on the requests for additions : We invite developers and publishers to offer their products by completing the form online. When we receive a resource suggestion, we validate that it matches our quality criteria before making it available on the platform.
  • According to already known tools: The Classo team uses several digital resources daily. We share with you those that might be useful to you!
Classo does not (yet) conduct a formal school resource assessment, but we encourage our users to provide us with relevant feedback or suggestions for use.
What are the quality criteria set by Classo for evaluating resources?

To develop our digital resource assessment process, we first asked the same question of teachers and explored several resource evaluation models developed in the United States or France, among others. Here are the criteria we have selected and which guide our analyzes:

  • Adequacy with Departmental programs and Progression of Apprenticeships.
  • Relevance according to Framework of reference for digital competence.
  • The quality of the language and the availability of the resource in French.
  • The availability of research, testimonials or studies
    (We believe in evidence in education and are always looking for neutral quality indicators.)
  • Ratings left by users on the AppStore, Google Play and others.
  • The relevance of the technologies used to those available in schools and current practices.
    (For example, because of the phasing out of Flash support, we are not selecting new resources that are being developed with this technology.)
  • The engaging visual aspect and the instinctive interface.
  • Utilisation facility.
  • The presence or absence of advertisements.
    (When advertisements are present, we do not eliminate the resource, but we make it clear in the listing.)

Some references :




Why does the Classo platform offer paid resources?

We want to give you as much variety as possible to meet your digital resource needs, which means including paid resources. We believe of course in the importance of access to free educational resources (OER) and open source free resources, so we try to include them in the platform as a priority.

As for paid resources, most of them are interactive resources with elaborate design elements. Their creation implies, besides the contribution of specialists in education, programmers, graphic designers, content specialists, animators, illustrators, editors, etc. which all add value to the final product. They often invest time and money to provide you with quality products that will really help your students (and yourselves!)

How can I send you comments or suggestions?
To send us a comment, a suggestion, a question, or if you noticed an error, just write to us an email or click on the "Your opinion" link that appears under your profile icon when you are logged into the Classo platform.

Questions from teachers and specialists

How can the Classo platform help me in my teaching?

The Classo platform brings together more than two hundred resources classified according to subject and grade level. The platform also includes resources specifically designed to make life easier for teachers or save time. It is possible to search resources according to specific criteria of the school context: socio-economic background, subject, level, available devices, types of class, teaching strategies to put forward, skills to work, etc.

However, we first focus on quality rather than quantity. So when you find a resource on the Classo platform, you will know that it was first analyzed and looked at by our team.

How to register for Classo? Is it free?

We would so like to be able to volunteer! We make sure to provide you with relevant, analyzed and selected content. We also want to offer you an easy-to-use and well-thought-out interface as well as a technologically efficient, reliable and secure platform. All this obviously generates costs ...

In order to offer you a professional experience and maintain a quality service, the Classo platform is currently available thanks to a low-cost subscription plan.

However, it is not necessarily up to you to pay for access to the platform. Contact your management to discuss Classo because access is restricted to holders of a school or school board license. By requesting access to the Classo platform from your school administration, you will benefit all your colleagues for the next school year.

Classo's solutions are designed to support technopedagogy and pedagogical leadership in schools.

I found a resource that interests me, how can I get it?
You can first save this resource in a custom list of your favorite resources ("My classes") by clicking on the little heart icon. Then, on the resource page, you can access the publisher's website and download the product.
What happens to my data and information that I share with Classo?

We have a great concern for the protection of your personal data. We have implemented a detailed and transparent privacy policy that specifies exactly what data we collect and how it can be used. You can consult it You can consult it by clicking here..

You can also check the details of the conditions of use of our website and platform You can consult it by clicking here..

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, requests or complaints regarding your personal information or our privacy practices, you can contact us at the following address: privacy@classo.org.

Questions from management, ICT respondents and managers

What are the benefits of Classo for my school?

There are many benefits to using Classo at his school. First, the platform allows to your teachers to find the best available resources based their needs, in particular according to the available equipment and devices and the needs of the students, without exhausting your budget. In addition, many of the resources we offer on the platform are free.

The information presented on the Classo platform is sorted in order to answer the main questions of the teachers and thus facilitate their decision making regarding the use of digital resources. While ensuring that the resources presented are of quality and responsive to the programs, we wish to develop the autonomy of the teachers in the decision-making process of choice of resources.

In addition, you can benefit as well as a support service supported by research as well as support in the integration of digital resources and technologies. Finally, you will be able to monitor who uses which tool and how often to keep a check on your expenses related to digital. In addition to knowing how digital skills are developed.

Finally, Classo encourages the development of digital skills by promoting knowledge sharing and encouraging innovation in teaching. Indeed, with each information sheet on resources, we publish suggestions for use that were sent to us by teachers who tested or integrated the products.

Classo's solutions are designed to support technopedagogy and pedagogical leadership in schools.

How much does access to Classo cost at my school?
License prices vary depending on the number of accounts to be created for your school and the additional services requested. Write us for a personalized quote.

Questions from resource publishers and edtech companies

Why present my digital resources on Classo?

With a growing number of digital education resources now available, publicizing your products and content requires time and resources. By offering your resources on Classo, you get new visibility from the teachers who are most likely to appreciate them. With Classo, you also have access to a community of users who can give you feedback on your product and its use. Plus, it's simple and free!

What are the rules for displaying products on Classo? How to make sure my product has good visibility?

Resources are displayed according to user preferences. If you are a resource for French teachers, your resource will not be presented to teachers who only selected "Mathematics" as a subject taught in their preferences.

The display of resources in the results is not linked to any financial model. Classo is not based on a "marketplace" type model or on a "Google Ad Words" style advertising model. What is important to us first and foremost is to enable our users to find the right resources that best meet their needs.

How to offer my digital resources to Classo?
If you work for a digital resource publisher or an EdTech company, just fill in the online form/. We will then contact you to complete your information, if necessary.
How can I make a change to the information published on Classo?
It's simple. Just send us your request for correction by email. We will notify you as soon as the changes have been made. Note that in the near future, we want to provide you with a module that will allow you to quickly and easily make changes to your information published on Classo.
Classo presents another resource similar to what I propose. Is it possible to request exclusivity?

Unfortunately no. Our model is not based on a "marketplace" model or an advertising model. What is important to us first and foremost is to enable our users to find the right resources that best meet their needs. Some resources on Classo may look similar, but we want to offer a choice to users. It's easy for Classo users to compare resources to guide their decisions.

Can I access data on users interested in my product?
Classo can provide you some data. However, for obvious reasons of confidentiality and user protection, we do not share No data that can reveal the identity of users. To find out more, contact us.
Are there other possibilities offered by Classo?
Classo can help resource publishers and EdTech companies in other ways.
  • Coordination and support for pilot projects : Do you want to run a pilot project for your resource? Test a new feature? Finding schools interested in participating can be a long and demanding process. Since we already work with several schools, we can help you in your efforts and accompany you so that you can benefit from a complete and relevant feedback for your pilot projects. To find out more, contact us.
  • Highlight your demos and tutorials to facilitate the adoption and implementation of your products : You have created a demonstration video or tutorial for your product to simplify its use, but the dissemination to teachers is still limited? Present your videos directly on your product page on the Classo platform. Teachers who consult your page will have direct access to it and will be able to easily see the ease of use of your resource without having to look further. Need some reinforcement to create your tutorial or demo? Contact us!
  • I would like to provide more details about my products than what is offered on the Classo page.
We publish a monthly newsletter that could be a good vehicle for this additional information. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

Support for use

Video tutorials
We have prepared for you short videos that show you how to take advantage of the different features offered by the Classo platform. Watch the tutorials
Users Guide
Access our user guide You can consult it by clicking here..
I'm trying to log in to my account, but it does not work.
Please first check the following points that could be the cause of the problem:
  1. Are you connected to the Internet?
  2. Did you use the correct email address and password to log in?
  3. Is your access still in effect?
Does everything look orderly and you still can not connect? You can reach us by phone at 514-573-7600. Outside normal business hours, contact us by email and we will answer you inside a time of 24 hours.
I click on the link of a resource, but the page does not exist.
Contact us to report the error.
I need help to use Classo and I want to talk to someone!
Do not panic! Our team is here to help you. You can reach us by phone at 514-573-7600. Outside normal business hours, contact us and we will answer you within 24 hours.

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