Use digital resources to the benefit of student success

Created in collaboration with teachers, and updated regularly, the Classo platform brings together educational resources and selected digital tools and allows you to:

    • Easily find selected digital resources that best meet your needs and those of your students.


    • Consult detailed fact sheets for each resource, which includes images, and direct access to tutorials, instructional guides and evidence (when available).


    • Create custom lists of your favorite resources.


    • Compare resources to choose the most appropriate for you.


    • Read and publish pedagogical tips and ideas.


In short, Classo allows you to make informed decisions, and a better use of digital resources.

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Tested by teachers

Between January and April 2019, Classo tested the beta version of its platform in collaboration with the Faculty of Education at UQAM. In total, 235 people from seven school with diverse socio-demographic backgrounds participated in the pilot.

Make informed decisions

The Classo platform offers resources and digital tools chosen for their relevance and quality.

89% of participants to the pilot considered that the resources and tools presented on Classo are of high quality.

Save Time

Our search tool allows you to find resources that meet your needs and those of your students, taking into account your entire teaching context. In addition, you will be able to directly access teaching guides, tutorials, as well as suggested uses published by peers.

2 / 3 of participants to the pilot considered that they saved time when searching for resources on Classo.

Management your school's digital resources

Classo also offers tools to school tech leaders, principals and school board administrators to streamline the management of digital resources, including, simplified requests, creation and sharing of resource lists, and monitoring of digital literacy skills development.

More than half participants to the pilot indicated that they would like to be able to send a request for a resource directly to their school administrator.