Pilot projects: to guide your decisions

We can not wait to launch the Classo platform and make it available to everyone. But before, we will conduct pilot projects with some schools and school boards in January and February 2019. Why? To validate that it meets the needs of users. Planned in consultation with each community, these pilot projects Read more about Pilot projects: to guide your decisions[...]

Treasure Hunt - Part Two: What is a good teaching resource?

In November 2017, in Sicily, a group of archaeologists had as project to map the bunkers of the Second world war. They stumbled upon a large stone pierced with a hole. At first they thought it was a simple rock. In furthering their research, it turned out that they had just Read more about Treasure Hunt - Part XNUM: How to discern a good educational resource?[...]

Treasure Hunt

Classo's mission is to create a platform for teachers to easily find the best digital learning resources that fit their needs, as well as professional development content to help them make better use of the tools available to them. Finding the best resources, in other words, is to make Read more about Treasure Hunt[...]

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