Web design: combining creativity and conventions at the service of the user

By Isabelle Grégoire, President The feedback from our users is invaluable. This is what allows us to better understand their expectations and to prioritize our efforts to always do better. From the very beginning of Classo, we have sought to know the impressions of those who use the platform. We have Read more about Web Design: combining creativity and conventions at the service of the user[...]

Flashing data

by Isabelle Grégoire, president and founder of Classo How can meteorologists predict the weather? How does Facebook choose the ads that will be displayed on your news feed? How can we better understand certain diseases and find treatments? Why does Google put some websites forward rather than others? Read more about Insights[...]

The spirit of community (of practice)

by Isabelle Grégoire, President and Founder of Classo My meetings and conversations with teachers, school counselors, principals and school administrators led me to the following conclusion: there are a lot of initiatives interesting ideas put forward by innovative educators and committed leaders everywhere in our schools. Full of tools, Read more about The spirit of community (of practice)[...]

The judicious use of technology: the implications for teachers

by Fannie Rivet (1 article 3) Promoting the judicious use of technology is truly at the heart of Classo's approach and mission. But what exactly does that mean? This blog post, the first in a series of three, offers a reflection on the issue and looks at the implications Read more about The judicious use of technology: the implications for teachers[...]

Classo Successfully Completes the Founder Institute Program

After four months of intensive work, we are happy to report that Classo has successfully completed the Founder Institute program. The Founder Institute is an accelerator for young start-up companies which, through an intensive and demanding curriculum, offers structure, mentorship and a network to help them build new Read more about Classo successfully passes the Founder Institute program[...]

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