Custom support and tools for your school's digital strategy.

64% of teachers surveyed say they work at a school
that does not have a plan numérique.

(Villeneuve, S. and Bisaillon, J. (2019). L’évaluation d’une application visant à faciliter l’accès
à des ressources éducatives numériques en contexte (Classo)
. Montreal: UQAM).

Edtech without a plan is like a teacher without a curriculum.

We guide school leaders and their teams through a research-based
education technology planning process.

Our process

Understand your needs

We assess your edtech needs through surveys, interviews, and the Classo app.

We produce a full report to enable evidence-based decision making.

Develop a goal-oriented strategy
  • Based on step XNUMX, we guide you through a goal setting process.
  • We develop a feasible strategy to achieve these goals.
Ongoing support
  • We offer support on an ongoing, non-binding basis.
  • We support the good communication of the plan to all members of the school community.
Measure progress
  • We identify what is working and where additional support may be needed to achieve goals.
  • We provide continued support to leaders.

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