Summer: A Time to Take Stock

With summer in full swing and the chance to enjoy sun-filled, fun-filled days, it's time to take stock of the school year that just ended. It's also a good opportunity to learn from your experiences and to set new professional goals for the upcoming school year.

At Classo, we thought it would be a good idea to create a reflection tool to help you compile an end-of-year EdTech report, to give you perspective on what changes might be needed and what practices should be kept.

We believe it's important to make thoughtful decisions and informed choices when using the digital technologies available to educators. By putting your ideas and opinions to paper—even in a digital space!—you can more easily take stock, so that, in the end, you make the best possible use of the technology available to you.

ICT report

We were inspired to create this tool by the teachers, pedagogical advisors, and EdTech experts who very generously shared their experiences with us.

This tool was made for you. You can download it and save it to your personal devices.

Have a great summer!

The Classo Team

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